We stopped at giving short analysis of gastro-intestinal cancer viruses. Now then let us remind you in brief of cancer viruses and their causes...



    We stopped at giving short analysis of gastro-intestinal cancer viruses. Now then let us remind you in brief of cancer viruses and their causes.

    1. Blood cancer
a. Causes: fear and panic, irritability and anger, hostility and anger, lust and fear, possessed in pair.
b. Outer causes: infection through communication with muddy near-earth astral field; overall disbalance in chakras and centres.
c. Treatment: burning undulatory energy flows, influencing the objects (physical and spiritual bodies) multivariably.
    2. Carcinoma
a. Causes: fear, lack of innerfreedom, self-humiliation through self-abjection (the latter being a sort of pride), pride and hostility, revenge thoughts.
b. Outer causes: tobacco smoking, pneumonia followed by residuals, bronchitis and residuals, infection to come through blood, low energy flows vibrating level.
c. Treatment: burning Sun energy flows, supported with gentle wave coming from the Earth core, both acting locally as following: surrounding lungs and radiating from its inside.
    3. Gastro-intestinal cancer
a. Causes: gluttony, lack of self-respect, the predominance of mercenary interests over striving for spiritual evolution, hostility and envy, avidity andaggression, fear for losing all gained.
b. Outer factors: being dinfected through blood, using antibiotics and as consequence - getting sediments at the walls of intestines; low energy flows vibrating level, abuse of genetically modified food.
c. Treatment: burning energy flow from the Earth core, solar energy prevailing, through the influence of these - the antibiotics-based sediments' elimination. The energy flows cover smoothly the gastro-intestinal tract in its shapes, the energy flows of Earth work inside, within every organ of the tract.
    4. Sarcoma
a. Causes: fear and envy, revenge thoughts prevailing, self-abjection, pride and conceit, fear not to become the best accompanied with irritability.
b. Stimulating factors: tabacco smoking, "meat diet", fractures, various injuries, low vibrating level, getting infected through the red bone marrow.
c. Treatment: burning energy flows alternately come from the Sun and from the Earth core. The Sun energy flows spread in a spine and destroy the new-made defected cells' groups; the Earth flows cover infected organs and burn the infection out smoothly and gently.
    5. Cerebrum cancer
a. Causes: conceit and ambitions, pride doubled, avidity and conceit, envy and self-abjection, ambitions and despair, despair and envy, hostility plus despair, pride and hostility, superiority complex.
b. Outer stimulators: getting infected through blood, low energy flows vibrating level, chronical venereal diseases, anemia.
c. Treatment: burning flows of the Sun prevail: they affect cerebrum and spinal cord. The Earth core flows clean the hip field (the cells in the field) out. The treatment employs a superfine Sun laser which as if tears infected parts off the healthy ones.
    6. Cancroid
a. Causes: abuse of body and face skin chemical helping (bath foams, aroma soaps, bath gels, wrinkle care, lotions etc), unrational nutrition, self-conceit accompanied with self-abjection, envy and lust, pride and high irritability, hostility and self-humiliation, lust).
b. Outer stimulators: tobacco smoking, drinking alcohol, hormonal helping consequences, low energy flows vibrating level, getting infected through blood and genitals, venereal diseases.
c. Treatment: burning energy flows of the Earth core prevail.
    7. Genitals cancer (cervical carcinoma, prostate cancer, breast cancer, testicles cancer etc)
a. Causes: lust plus avidity, unability to love and lack of self-respect accompanied with lust; disrespect for the partner doubled with lust; envy plus hostility plus avidity; lust accompanied with mental lechery; pride and envy coming with fears; panic and irritability plus lechery.
b. Outer stimulators: dramatically low energy flows vibrating level, usage of hormonal helping and contraceptives, venereal diseases helped and chronical ones; any disease charged virus.
c. Treatment: The Earth core energy flows prevail; the Sun energy burn out mental negative and unbridled animal desires.
    That is the short list of cancer illnesses and their causes and stimulators. We have had a detailed talk on imperil and immaterial human bodies, on your self-analysis and own reasoning significance. We highly welcome your ability to hold a sober analysis of your society and of your own being within, your ability for critical and untraditional view of your own life and illnesses you get. We hope for strength of your mind and spirit, we welcome wisdom and patience you obtain through illnesses. We expect you to see the Purpose of the course given - it is easy to get and easy to feel through your nerve receptors and energy circulation centres. We hope for your mind and soul strength. Be well, the Children of Earth.
    So it is time to finish the course on cancer and its causes. However we will give another several lectures, aimed at giving you some more energetical and psychological help. Be it in parables. Those would as well unfold the subject, but on the other side, through artful word and its vibration power by affecting the cerebrum receptors of the reader. The helping energy flow would appear smoothing and stimulating, coming from Spirit and so forth. There will be five parables. Enough for today then.

The 18th of February 2007

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