...Let's continue the lecture course for now. Today we will discuss the inward and outward factors that stimulate cancer cells, in other words we will analyze how cancer arouses as a whole, in particular, concerning leucaemia...




    Let's continue the lecture course for now. Today we will discuss the inward and outward factors that stimulate cancer cells, in other words we will analyze how cancer arouses as a whole, in particular, concerning leucaemia. So then you know from scientific sources that outward stimulators for leucaemia are the following:

  •  chemical effect
  •  inherited predisposition
  •  biology (environment)
  •  virus threat and so on..

    Those are the factors to which your theorists' interests are mostly limited to. However, we can meet some other causes such as wrong nutrition, smoking, occasional or constant radiation. What can these causes' analysis provide for those who have got cancer right now? Just a partial understanding of what goes on with them and total dismay as a result of that scaring information. They need a profound and capacious explanation of all factors and causes generating the virus, a detailed analysis of each stimulator. So let's start. The main cancer stimulator as you know is oncogenesis. What is it? It is an accumulated compaction of foreign antigens embryos (being at the first development level, within the first phase), that is able to get through or evade leucocytes (that destroy them), which are antibodies. To make it more clear, oncogenesis is a gathering of specific bacteria, that are very elusive and easily rooting in cells required. Oncogenesis is based on specific information that comes to the person's organism through nourishment, breath and through emotion he feels. Let's consider that.
    Nourishment. Blood is the substance that consists of discharge which appear from food that comes to the body. Proteins, carbohydrates, fats break it up to various chemical constituents, and those microelements feed hemopoietic cells and participate in blood constituents' rejuvenescence. It is clear now that just what a person eats, nourishes and makes the substance of his blood. Let's see now what a person eats. Most popular among many stays fried popatoe, which is total-lot carcinogen, the level of crude fats concentration in it being near 70%. Falling into the body, fried potatoe secretes a special substance into blood, which breaks up hardly. Since the body and leucocytes in particular do not see the enemy in that (carcinogenic) bacteria, the phagocytosis never comes. Lysosomes cannot stand and bear the substance, and it does not break into microorganisms, it just adheres to the cells and thus forms the biomass compaction. The cells that have not enough time to transfrom it, appear taken aback and having lost their speed. It generates the problem of delayed metabolism which is followed by lipidic layers put-off and as a result - adiposity. Since fried potatoe is a high-carcinogenic product, it contains an element that threatens leucocytes because of an ability to hypnotize them and neutralize their protective function.
    The second in popularity dish among people stays smoked, fried and roasted meat products, like grilled chicken and others. Let's analyze the constituents of that products that finally nourish people. Meat originally brings in its cells the destruction and death impulse. To be more scientific, every cell of the meat substance contains in its nucleus a rarefied DNA chromosomes set, which means that if the alive body holds DNA coupled or in three figures, those while the cell dies (in meat in particular) cannot make pairs or unite in a figure of three, they stay torn and chaotic. How does that influence the roast meat? First of all torn DNA structures keep no nourishing impulse inside and no microelements that blood and the organism as a whole require. However they have plenty of structural rubbish, semi-elements, semi-organisms. Further, while meat is being roasted or smoked, we can see an inside welding and crossing of already obsolete meat DNA structures, and finally we get a gathering of carcinogenic formations which on falling into the body of a person leave unoverworked lots and lots of parasite cells.
    Further, Coca-Cola and Fanta. That have not a single alive DNA structure inside, but elementary or complicated chemical compounds (organic or inorganic) instead. All you can find useful in that product is just a can. You can at least keep cereals in it or other stuff after you pour Coca out.
    Fast food. Quite near Coca Cola in its nourishing characteristics, as well as all other gene modified or otherwise "improved" by your civilization products. Their nourishing value may be compared to as if you chewed rubber or a trolley for breakfast, lunch or dinner, which would anyway seem a tasty cake to you, but truly combining potentially carcinogen cells only or in other words - potential cancer virus cells.
    Let's consider the following issue now. Nourishment stands in strong connection with blood cells formation, but more important than the microelements conglometrate is the way you use energy. Any emotion a person gives rise to within a day is extremely important for analysis in order to understand where cancer starts. Let's see why now. Scientists in their treatises and research keep saying that the process of cancer development is not learnt from A to Z, that yes, outward factors that are environment, nourishment, radiation, maybe inherited gens play a great role, but nothing, not a single word they say of why cancer cannot be cured by chemotherapy, surgery (growth ablation) or by antibiotics, in other words, about why nothing can cure cancer-ill person. They say they can prolong his life, but not cure, which is impossible. Well, that is true. Nobody can cure cancer till a person understands the true cause of it.
    Let's find where cancer roots then. The fundamental of any sort of cancer is your fear, an emotion that blocks your cells' work through energy channels. Fear is an emotion that expresses in various ways and feeds the sphere of every, every person on Earth, but if once a person may block it by his own will, in other case fear would paralise cells and they would turn unable to protect themselves from infectious bacteria and various viruses that get inside the body. Wrong nourishment is just the sequence of cancer cells' work, carcinogenesis just follows the commands of fear energy that originally appears deep in your way of thinking. Many times it has been said that to cure cancer, any sort of cancer at any stage, you need to change your way of thinking and feeling. But whether a civilized man is able to pay his precious attention to such stuff like his own thoughts? What are thoughts? Who saw them? What do they wear, do you know? Never saw? Well that means they are of no value. Discuss them with a pint of beer and meat portion, but not more... Much better is to get a pill or to make an injection and go on rotting . That is what you choose and that is why you die with no chance to recover.
    To make your own mind change the way of thinking and understanding things in general you need to be honest with yourselves. That means you need to recognize deep inside yourself indecent emotions and negative energy flows, and see your own wrongdoings as wrongdoings, in particular, to see your own fear and the way it creates the matrix of hostility. Hostility is the concentrated coalition of energy substances, let's call them aggressors that easily recognize leucocytes energy and attack them through centrioles, blocking the cell and its nucleus by the fear energy in such a way. See all that from the outside and admit your own negative feelings, and that will be the first and most significant and dramatic rise from the cancer hell. That's all for today, but we will continue the discussion tomorrow.

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